Monday, June 22, 2020

The bald eagles of Hood Canal

Bald Eagles Fighting, Hood Canal, Seabeck, Washington

For a few weeks a year, hundreds of bald eagles congregate along a short stretch of Hood Canal near the town of Seabeck, Washington. Bald eagles are opportunistic. While they are skilled hunters, they don't work any harder than they have to for their meals. Between a fish migration and wide tidal swings, the feeding is easy there in May and June.

When I was working on my bald eagle project years ago, I made numerous, numerous trips there to observe the action since it's such an interesting part of their story. I recently got the chance to return. It had probably been seven years since I had been there last. The scenery and action was much the same, but my photography style was a bit different. I didn't need images to illustrate a story, so I could concentrate on contrast, reflections and the eagles against interesting backgrounds. I still captured a few skirmishes. Those are a regular feature out there. But the point was really just to get out and try to keep my skills up.

I'm sharing a few of my favorite images from this most recent session below. I do still have a few copies of my Year of the Eagle book, which documents a year in the lives of Pacific Northwest bald eagles. You can order your copy here.

Bald Eagle Flying Over Hood Canal, Seabeck, Washington
Bald Eagle Fishing in Hood Canal, Seabeck, Washington
Bald Eagle Fishing in Hood Canal, Seabeck, Washington
Bald Eagle in Oyster Bed, Seabeck, Washington

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