Monday, May 11, 2020

Big bother for little fluff

Great Blue Heron and Brewer's Blackbird in Midair Tussle, Skagit County, Washington

Occasionally, I'm a witness to things that are so bizarre you almost have to see a picture to believe it happened. Such was this odd encounter between a great blue heron and a blackbird.

Most of the time when birds build their nests, they look for materials that are easy to grab — sticks, grass, and such. I've even seen small birds wait at the dryer vent to catch lint.

But somewhere in Skagit County, Washington, there's a Brewer's blackbird with some great blue heron fringe in its nest. I watched the blackbird dive at the heron and even ride it for a few split-seconds until it collected its prize.

Maybe it was payback for something the heron had done, but it seemed like a lot of bother for a few threads.

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