Thursday, December 21, 2023

Observing the December solstice

Sunset Over South Pacific, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Today is the December solstice and how you view it is a matter of perspective.

I'm from the Seattle area, so this is the shortest day of the year. Tomorrow, the days start getting longer. Six months from now, we'll have 7 1/2 more hours of daylight than we'll see today.

But in the southern hemisphere, the days start getting shorter tomorrow. I watched this sunset last month on the southern coast of Rarotonga when the days were about as long as they ever get. Given that it's much closer to the equator than Seattle is, the long day didn't seem particularly special. Summer days there are barely two hours longer than winter days.

However you view today and the change that arrives tomorrow, may the solstice bring you a moment of tranquility.

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