Thursday, June 15, 2023

Nature Photography Day: No camera required

Lupine and Sea Arch, Coquille Point, Oregon Coast

Today is Nature Photography Day. There are those who say that the camera gets in the way. It’s a device that gets between you and the world around you. There’s some truth in that.

But for me, nature photography has helped me become more connected to the world. It forces me to slow down, to think about what I’m seeing. It drives me to get up early and stay out late, prompting exploration that I likely wouldn’t have been motivated to experience otherwise.

I’m working on a project about peacefulness and living in the moment. While this image won’t be in it, it does represent how nature photography helped me get out of bed in the dark and stand in sharp wind, marveling at ephemeral flowers, erosive forces, and how light fog softens the colors of sunrise.

Whether or not there’s a camera in your hand, this is something that’s good for the soul from time to time.

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