Thursday, April 30, 2020

Storm over Hogwallow Flats, Virginia

Rainstorm over Hogwallow Flats, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

With my photography projects on indefinite hold, I've had some time to process images that have been in sitting the production queue, waiting for their turn. This is one of those. It’s from Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

This image was captured in 2018, but I remember the photo session vividly. It was my first trip to Shenandoah and I was trying to create a solid body of work that represented the park. And to do so, I was trying to make every sunrise and sunset count.

My first morning in the park, I found a nice vantage point along Skyline Drive to capture the sunrise. I was ready for it. Some 20 minutes before the sun was even scheduled to appear, my camera was set up.

Then a storm passed overhead.

The road went from bare to covered in hail in less than a minute. A mouse that was collecting grass seeds near me scurried past my tripod and dove for cover into a crack in the rock wall along the edge of the road.

I took a couple of pictures, but then got back into the car to find a better point to capture the streaks of rain and hail against the golden sky. I found what I was looking for just above a place known as Hogwallow Flats.

This image is of a late-October storm, but I thought it was worth posting today, the last day of April, a month known for "showers."

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